New Years Questions with the Kids 2022

Oh my goodness. 2022. I don't really know what to say. I feel like I started 2021 more hopeful in some ways than I am now. But it's not time to dwell. If I've learned anything over the past 2 years - it's been to make them best of what we've got. So 2022, I'm all ready to make the best of you.

If you haven't been following - I ask the kids the same questions every year and use the blog to document their answers. Considering I haven't posted here since OCTOBER - I'm amazed that I'm getting this post done. Below are their answers for 2022.

Last year's answers are here - and then 20202019, 20182017 and 2016.

Lucille, age 8 years 8 months

Favorite things
 The ones that pop. (Rice Krispies)
Vegetable: Maybe spinach
Drink: Orange juice
Toy: My toy animals (plastic figurines)
TV Show: Can it be a movie? Maybe Harry Potter. I don't know which one.
Thing to do: There is a lot of stuff.
Game: The Fox in the Forest.
Book: Wings of Fire series.
Restaurant: Spaghetti Factory

If you could change your name - what would you change it to? I don't know.
What is something Mommy says? Come here.
What is something Daddy says? I love you.
What do you want to be when you grow up? A zookeeper
What are you going to do differently this year? Try not to argue with Gus as much.
Who are your friends? I can't name all my friends. Nora, Sophia and I can't name them all.
What is your wish for the new year? Coronavirus to be over.
If I gave you $100 what would you do with it? Buy a bunch of toy animals.
What are you most afraid of? I don't know, really.

*I asked her to try not to say "I don't know" more than 3 times this year.

Gus, age 7 years 5 months 

Favorite things
I like corn flakes
Vegetable: The only vegetable that I'll eat. Carrots
Drink: My favorite drink is lemonade.
Toy: Is the Nintendo Switch a toy? My Nintendo Switch.
TV Show: Pokemon
Thing to do: Play with daddy.
Game: Is the Nintendo a game? Pokemon Brilliant Diamond.
Book: My favorite book that I've read so far -- I can believe how good Harry Potter is. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.
Restaurant: We haven't been in a restaurant in such a long time I can barely remember any.

If you could change your name - what would you change it to? Heracross
What is something Mommy says? I love you.
What is something Daddy says?  Let's get going.
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A pokemon.
What are you going to do differently this year? Become a pokemon master.
Who are your friends? Uh.. Rylan, Rocco, Lawson, Yianno, Sam, Rafa, Sean, Jax... Frankie. I love that dude.
What is your wish for the new year? For Coronavirus to be over this year!!!!
If I gave you $100 what would you do with it? I would either share it, put the quarters in the book I got, and maybe buy a pokemon game or two.
What are you most afraid of? Darkrai.

*Obviously, Gus is a little obsessed with Pokemon. But again, he never really says "I don't know."

I still have a fun time doing this - and the kids love to go back and read their old answers.

Happy 2022, friends! Stay tuned for more on the blog front. I promise. (Do I say that every year??)

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