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I was born in Boulder, Colorado and raised in Sacramento, California; where I’ve spent most of my life. My parents are two very smart, very calm individuals who have helped shape who I am today. They instilled in me a love for nature and a love for travel - two key elements I hope I can pass on to my children. My father’s side of the family is Greek so I was, of course, raised surrounded by my big Greek family and friends.

I’ve always been a talker, reader and a writer. At 8 years old I sent in a short story to a publisher and got back the nicest rejection letter ever that was included with a giant box of free books. Since blogging is a mix of talking and writing, its a perfect fit for me. I love coming up with things to share even if my family and friends are the only ones reading it.

The House of Martins is an outlet for me to share my families adventures with the world. Raising two littles 15 months apart isn't easy - but it is fun and rewarding. We love to share all of our favorite things - so be sure to follow along.

I love to hear feedback on my blog from both friends and strangers. Feel free to email me anytime. If you're interested in advertising, sponsored posts or other promotional partnership opportunities, please email me with information or for rates and details.

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