Friday Favorites: Music, State Parks, Parenting and more! 10/22

This is kind of like two weeks of Friday Favorites, since I never posted them last week. But if you're in California, where it is *finally* getting gray, cold and even rainy - maybe you need a little extra reading material.

For us, soccer never ends -- and a little rain doesn't stop us. So on to the soccer tournaments we go.

We went to Apple Hill last weekend - so bring on all the apple desserts and drinks now that we've loaded up.

A new Adele song.

7 State Parks to visit in California this fall. I'd never heard of Salt Point State Park (and I'm adding it to our list of parks to check out.)

The second part of our Great American Road Trip recap is up! If you missed it, head over to read all about our time in Utah and at Capitol Reef National Park.

I love these Halloween Centerpieces from Martha Stewart.

This in-between parenting identity crisis speaks to me. I've been a "work from home" parent for over 7 years now - but with my husband's job change and my not having a co-working space anymore (and all my clients opt for virtual meetings) - things are different now. It definitely feels more in limbo.

Alma Thomas is an artistic inspiration.

Happy Friday, friends!

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