Friday Favorites: Books, Snacks, Good Enough Parenting and More! 2/25

It's Friday again! I missed posting for a few weeks -- I've been busy and honestly, a little off track. Nothing specifically bad, but overly chaotic. The kids were off school this week -- so we took off for a little family vacation to the desert - and I worked hard at getting myself refocused. Hopefully that means next week, I'm back on top of things.

First a picture from our vacation...

And now on to the good stuff -- here are some of my favorites from this week.

Good advice: Don't force yourself to finish books you don't like.

I shared a pizza bagel after school snack recipe a few weeks ago if you missed it.

I might tune in to a Sesame Street episode with Roy Kent visiting Oscar the Grouch. How perfect.

I'm a big Poirot fan, and with the music and Gal Gadot, Death on the Nile looks great.

I'm 100 percent here for "Good enough" parenting.

This is not a new post (almost a year old) but as I struggle to find time to write my own novel, it really hit home with me.

Happy Friday! 

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