Have a book-filled Weekend! Friday 9/7

Happy Friday! Gus started Pre-K this week! He was pretty excited about his new school and new friends. Now I need to get my morning routine down so that I'm not frazzled. haha. I guess I'll still be frazzled. Maybe just a little less.

Ok, and on to my favorite links from this week. For some reason, books are on my mind. Here are my favorite links from this week:

From one of my favorite children's authors - Matt de la Pena - Why we shouldn't shield darkness from our children.

Lies I've told my kids while reading.

Oh and if you missed my post on the new children's books that are coming out this fall - check it out!

For the Sacramento area friend - Arden-Dimick library is having a book sale today and tomorrow so check that out. (And more stuff to do on my September calendar post!)

I totally relate to this blog post. Working for yourself can be so rewarding and helpful when balancing a family. But do friends and family think of me as a "successful" business person? A must-read for any moms with a flexible working schedule.

I'm not a pumpkin spice person. So I enjoyed looking at this list of 12 Fall products that aren't pumpkin spice.

Happy Friday friends!

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