Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt

I've got another activity great for being at home with the kids. If you're still going outside for walks - add this to your plan.

It was finally sunny again this morning - so our self distancing/COVID-19 quarantine family took a walk this morning. We stayed on the opposite side of the street from other walkers - keeping a good distance. We aren't at the "shelter in place" stage yet, so I am trying to enjoy the walks while we can.

Today I made and printed out a neighborhood scavenger hunt for the kiddos. I gave them both a clipboard and a pen and we set off. They decided to make checkmarks every time they saw any of the things on the list - which means they could graph the results when they got home (hey math!)

They had a great time and it kept them moving and focused on the walk. It was great to get some fresh air.

I made two versions so we could switch it up. I might make more and if I do, I'll add them here.

Download and enjoy!

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt 1

Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt 2

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