Kids at Home: Our New Normal

I haven't been able to post in a long while. I was busy working on a political campaign through our California Primary -- and then Corona Virus kinda took over our focus and life. And now we are faced with a new normal for at least the next 4 weeks - our kids are home from school.

There are other new normals - the places we normal take our kids when they are home (zoos, museums, movies, etc.) are closed. And we are really trying to avoid lots of people anyways, because we really don't want to be spreading any germs. Especially to those in the high risk categories. It also means that we are distancing our selves a bit from grandparents.

 SO - the big question is what do we do?

I found this great COVID-19 schedule that my kids are obsessed with too from Jessica McHale Photography. A little structure is super helpful. I think having 1 1/2 hours of quiet time might be a little hard - but if it works - my sanity might last.

Other resources I'll be using at home:

Scholastic has 20 days of lessons on their website! Such an amazing resource.

Exploration of the day - they post daily activity you can do with the kiddos.

Lucille does these Mystery Science lessons at school and loves them.

And worksheets if you want those - my kids are obsessed with worksheets. haha.

We also requested free Raddish Kit and (as long as we can get the groceries...) we look forward to trying that during creative time.

We are still having loads more TV time than normal and breakdowns all around. But we are trying!

What are you all doing at home with kiddos? Any ideas or suggestions for resources?

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