An update

I can't believe that I haven't written a blog post in 3 months. Mind you, it has been a complete crazy 3 months.

We are still pretty much just at home. Things in California are opening up and of course are number of COVID cases are increasing again. I, like most parents who have been home with their kids for months, am getting tired of it. But we will continue to stay home, wear masks and keep our distance from others - for the safety of my parents and other older/high risk people.

I hope others will too.

It has been a little disheartening at the hesitancy of people to just wear a mask when in public and the politicizing of a public health issue like this is breaking my heart.

On a positive note, we have been doing a lot of fun things around here and I'm eager to start blogging again to share them with you. Lots of cooking, lots of book reading and home summer camp plans.

So, stay tuned there will be more to come. Also, please stay safe.

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