Friday Favorites: Books, Good News, Travel and more 1/31

The Super Bowl is this weekend... and for lots of local folks there is a lot of excitement about the 49er's. But I'm just not really a huge football fan. The kids had sports dress up day and Lucille picked out her soccer jersey and Gus wore his Kings tracksuit. I guess they aren't really big football fans either.

Anyways, if your looking for some NON football related stuff to keep you entertained... here are my favorites from the week.

More about books. I know I've talked A LOT about books so far this year -- but I'm really trying to keep up with my reading this year. I finished a book called The Silent Patient - which I really enjoyed. I found this fun list of new release books and poetry (one of each for every month) and have found some I'd love to read. I picked up the poetry book for January (Three Poems) and pre-ordered the February novel - The Cactus League.

Good news. Everyone wants it right? Follow Good News Movement on Instagram so that you have some good news in your feed. I've been following for a few weeks and it is SO uplifting.

Can I just plan my next vacations around the locations of these beautiful libraries?

Or maybe this list of the best places to travel in 2020....

Ok, maybe one Football related link. If you have to watch the Super Bowl and you aren't interested really - just print some bingo cards.

Happy weekend, friends.

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