Somewhere over the rainbow, it's Friday. 5/24

So, I meant to post this Friday Favorites last week --- but I spent last Friday on a field trip to the Folsom Zoo and at a work meeting - before swim, tee ball, etc. So it didn't get posted. But there was some good finds! Gus started tennis and I think he has a slight resemblance to Bjorn Borg. Anyone else?

This week you get two weeks worth of Friday favorites....

The official teaser for Judy.

If you missed this SNL Mother's Day skit... watch it now. Guaranteed to make you feel normal.

I wrote my own "Ode to the Mamas" post and then forgot to share it on actual Mother's Day. Oops.

A mom asks her 15 year old what her biggest parenting mistake is. And there is a lesson it for all of us.

This mama duck marches her babies through a nursing home every spring. 

"Mother is a Verb" is going on my TBR list.

Happy weekend!

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