An Ode to the Mamas

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas out there.  Here is a little thank you note from me to you. Think of it as something to make up for all the times you don't hear the words "thank you". (And if you are my mom reading this: an EXTRA big "thank you" to make up for all the times I didn't say it.)

Thank you, Mama, for shutting all those drawers,
and picking up the dirty clothes on the floor.

Thank you, Mom, for closing the toilet seat,
turning off the lights, and throwing away little random pieces of garbage you find on the ground.

Thanks, mommy - for breakfast, lunch, dinner --
oh and all those snacks and treats I ask you for in between.

Thank you, mother, for not actually throwing away all the toys you say you're going to.
And thank you for letting us paint and play with play-doh even though you don't like the mess it makes.

Thanks, mama, for hanging up hangers
and for putting pillows and blankets back on our beds.

Thank you for listening to me talk endlessly about ---
{Ninjas, rainbow unicorns, dinosaurs, my favorite T.V. show.}

Thank you for helping me, teaching me, and loving me. All the time. No matter how big your headache is or how tired you are.

Thank you, mama!

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