Love you, Mothers. Friday 5/10

Happy Mother's Day Weekend, friends. Hope you're getting some time to enjoy however you want. I'm thinking relaxing BBQ at home on Sunday after church. Saturday is going to be 100% sports with Lucille doing swim time trials and her last indoor soccer game while Gus has tee ball. Sounds like a good weekend to me.

Today I've got Mother's Day Tea with Lucille at school and I can't wait. I'm sure I'll be posting some video of the songs on Instagram stories if you'd like that kind of entertainment. And while this isn't the world's best picture of me and my girl -- it's real life, right?

Ok, if you get some free time and don't know what to do... I've got some of my favorite finds from the week to help with that.

Anything But Vanilla Podcast. Hosted by Sacramento local ladies -- one of which is a pretty awesome spin instructor. Totally funny .... especially if you live in Sacramento or are from Sacramento at all.

My Keto chili recipe, if you missed it.

70 year study on how to raise happy and successful kids -- and it doesn't seem that hard.

I'm really wanting a new hat for summer.

I used to be the pineapple but now I am the examiner. What about you?

Mango is having a sale starting tomorrow - 30% off everything with code Mother19.

Again, happy Mother's Day weekend to you all. xoxo

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