Greece Trip Part 2: Spetses with Kids

It took me a long time to pick the one island that we would visit while we were in Greece last Summer. We finally picked Spetses and I am so glad that we did. It was an easy ferry ride from Athens (read about our Athen stays (both of them!) in my earlier post) and we all had a really great time. Below are some of the details.

We stayed in another great AirBnB. The host was so friendly and attentive and check-in was easy as could be. It was a bit of a walk up with the luggage for my parents but it worked out fine. There aren't really any cars on Spetses - lots of motorbikes and a handful of small work trucks. Maybe a few taxis.

The climb up the hill to the homes is a workout. But we didn't mind and the kids did it a few times a day and we never really heard much complaining. The views, the houses, and all the cats were enough entertainment for them.

There was a little Bakery we could see from our patio - called Anastasia Bakery that we got breakfast from almost every morning. Everything was delicious and the baker was so friendly. Always gave us extra goodies for the kids. Hidden amongst the homes it was a true gem.

The Bouboulinas Museum is great for grown-ups and kids older than ours. My parents and I did the tour while the kids played at the park across the road with Jonny. It worked out perfectly.

The beach that is right there in town is very rocky -- but that didn't bother our kids at all. They loved looking at all the rocks and finding ones that were especially lovely, and really the water was all they wanted. With Point of View Cafe right across the road from the beach - we could have our frappe too while the kids played.

We took a water taxi one day over to Zogeria beach - which is beautiful and a little more sandy then other spots on the island. The restaurant at Zogeria was great too. Seats fill up quickly so we got there early.

We ate dinner at some really good restaurants. At Clock Eatery the kids could eat pizza and the food was good for the grownups too. Orloff Restaurant was a bit more upscale - but still fine with the kids. Gus fell asleep here at dinner once again despite the beautiful views. The fresh fish at Orloff was amazing. We ate lunch once at Roussos Cafe, one of the spots right at the pier.

We grabbed ice cream a handful of times from Il Posto - a cute little ice cream shop right near the Spetses port. There is a horse carriage that takes you along the main road to the older port area - and we did that a few times. Always stopping for Haagen Dazs ice cream and frape, of course!

The island was great for exploring - my dad and I woke up early one morning to just walk the streets and watch the sunrise. One morning Jonny and I discovered a little farmers market while walking down to the grocery store. We were there over 4th of July - and amazingly enough, we saw fireworks from the balcony that night!

It was a fabulous experience and we all would go back anytime!

Part 3 and Part 4 of our trip are up and posted -- so be sure to read more for Nafplio and Stoupa.

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  1. Hi Ellen! It seems you had a great time in Spetses. However, I am planning a tour to Evros Greece. Could you suggest me a good itinerary to make my tour mesmerizing one?