Greece Trip Part 1: Athens With Kids

I cannot believe I haven't posted anything about our trip to Greece yet. It was over 6 months ago! We are about to go out of the country again - so I'm going to stop being lazy - and try and remember all the cool things we did.

We went to Greece for 3 weeks and spent time in Athens, Spetses, Napflio, and Stupa. We loved it all. I'll share a little about each area in separate posts, starting with Athens.

We stayed in Athens for a few nights on each end (arriving and departing) and while it wasn't our favorite part of the trip it was still a great experience for all of us.

We stayed at two different AirBnBs - one in the Monastiraki area (it's no longer available on Airbnb) and the other one in Plaka.

We started almost every morning in Athens with a quick walk to get coffee (often a frappe) and pastries for breakfast. In Monastiraki that meant either Zuccherino (where we would also get gelato later in the day of course!) or another little coffee shop down near Monastiraki Square. We would often also grab some fruit from one of the stands in the square before starting our day.

When it comes to food, we really didn't have a bad experience anywhere. We ate lunch at Dia Tafta after our hike to the Parthenon and it was delicious. We had a great dinner one night at Tzitzikas kai Mermigas (one of a handful of dinners that Gus missed because he fell asleep. See bottom right photo in the photos at the top.) Estia in the Plaka district was delicious - but there really are so many choices around - that picking one almost felt random.

We saw a handful of the greek must-see monuments and the kids did amazingly well at all of them. We got up to the Parthenon, saw Hadrian's Library, Hadrian's Arch and the Temple of Zeus. They didn't complain - kept up the pace - and didn't get lost. All things I worried about in advance. They even wanted to go to the Parthenon again on our second stay in Athens. Parliament and the changing of the guard was, of course, impressive and something they requested to see a few times.

The kids also loved exploring the National Gardens - there is a cute playground that they enjoyed and a funny animal area. That the kids liked too. Just running around on the paths was fun for them.

Jonny took the kids to Hans & Gretel and I'm actually a little bummed I missed it! It sounded amazing and the kids loved it. We loved taking our kids to Little Kook. It was such a magical place and the kids were entertained and they really loved the desserts too. And I have to say that Jonny and I did too. (Also pictured in top montage - bottom left photograph.)

Obviously, in a city as big as Athens, we didn't get to do everything - but we got a great start and we look forward to exploring more when we go back. The public transportation made it easy to get around and explore. And the kids loved taking the metro all over the place. I think we might have gotten on once or twice just for fun.

 Stay tuned for more about the other spots on our trip to Greece last Summer. UPDATE: The are all posted Part 2: Spetses, Part 3: Nafplio, and Part 4: Stoupa.

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