Have a Luxurious Weekend. Friday 1/25

Maybe it is just me, but short work weeks are always strange. Tuesday feels HORRIBLE. Long, busy and like your so far behind. Then Wednesday comes and goes - and you realize you only have two more days! It's like a roller coaster of emotions, am I right?

I actually felt pretty productive this week -- and I hope it continues. Work has been busy - but I've felt in control and I've actually had time to blog, to read, to watch grown-up television AND I took Lucille to a movie! It's all been going pretty well - until I smacked my head on the front door and got a big goose egg on my eyebrow. Oh well. It can't all be perfect.

But, I've had time to compile my list of favorite finds for the week - so you're in luck! Here they are:

Plants in the bathroom. I've been meaning to add plants to our house - to help with the air (and Gus' allergies - but I keep delaying. I found these two adorable guys (pictured above) at Trader Joe's this week - and love the green against the yellow tile. So cheery! Our tiny bathroom redecoration project is coming along nicely.

Mary Poppins Returns is the movie that Lucille and I watched - and it was perfect in preparation for London. We both enjoyed it.

Teaching our kids about nature. Don't get me started on the lack of science in lower grades in California...

A great London scavenger hunt book - recommended by a friend for our upcoming trip!

Female authors for 2019. Oh, just more for my TBR shelf...

All the Baby Sussex news... as we prep for our trip!

Ok, friends -- that is it for today! Happy Friday!

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