Have a #GOTV Weekend. Friday 11/2

If you aren't familiar with political campaigns and politics - GOTV stands for "Get Out The Vote" and normally refers to the weekend and days before an election.  I've spent a few GOTV weekends throughout the state, walking precincts for candidates. I don't totally miss that - but I do miss being in the weeds about elections and candidates. It's the political wonk in me.

So today's link are all political in nature. Because it's my way of telling you to GET OUT AND VOTE. Please. ;)

Slow Burn is my new favorite podcast and this list of reading is perfect for both seasons.

I've mentioned The Skimm newsletter a billion times probably - but if you need some election info too - they've got that! No excuses!

Oh, and for the political wonks - their latest Skimm'd from the Couch podcast is great. They talk with Jennifer Palmieri and she's got some great advice.

And... Jennifer Palmieri's hardcover book "Dear Madam President: An Open Letter to the Women Who Will Run the World" is on sale for $10 on Amazon when I write this.

John Legend wants you to vote, too.

Ok. I've done what I can. Now it is your turn!

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