Halloween Themed Podcasts

As I've mentioned before, we are big podcast listeners at our house. I've shared my top podcasts for kids before -- and these ones below are specifically great episodes to listen to at Halloween. We've been listening to them for a few days and will continue for the next few days too.

Polly and the Pumpkin Seeds: A cute little story from one of my favorite kid podcasts - Stories Podcast. Lucille and Gus love talking about how things grow so they thought this one was super funny. Not scary at all and perfect for all ages.

Curio: Vampire of the Great Lakes: Brains on! is a great podcast for kids who love learning about real creatures and other stuff. This episode is meant to be a little scary - and focuses on the sea lamprey (what they call part vampire and part alien invader.)

Zebra and Donkey's Halloween: Another great story for younger kids who want Halloween stories without the fright. This one is just full of silly.

Ghosts and Fairies and Gnomes, Oh My!: Another great podcast for your science kids is But Why? And in this episode, they talk about magical creatures and if they are real or not.

'Twas Halloween Night: A cute and quick listen - this is a fun little Halloween Poem. Perfect for all ages.

Midnight O'Clock: Maybe not for your littlest toddlers (the info says ages 6-13) this is a story about dreams and being awake at midnight.

What if unicorns lived in Halloween bushes?: The best thing about "What if World" podcasts are how totally crazy they are. It's exactly what you'd expect to get if you let a 5-year-old tell a story. Luckily, other 5-year-olds understand and LOVE these type of stories. Not scary.

Halloween Songs: Just like it says - Halloween songs! Our kids sing Halloween songs from the beginning of school until it's time to start singing Christmas carols. So they loved this one.

Are you listening or reading to anything special in the next today or tomorrow with your family for Halloween? I'd love to hear about it.

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