When the Year of "Yes" Turns into the Year of "What the..."

Some days you just realize that things aren't exactly how you thought they'd be at a certain point. The last few weeks have been that time for me. In case you forgot - or you missed my post at the beginning of the year - this was supposed to be my year of "Yes". And it's turned into the year of "What the heck?" or maybe the year of "Oh shoot, I missed that." Hum.

Also, both kids have started school and my hope was that my workload would be light enough that I would have some amazing bonding time with just Lucille after Kinder and before Gus and Jonny get home. But, work has been busier than expected (which is great for the money - but not for the quality time) and my parents have been the ones getting to spend that extra time with her. So the word "no" was creeping back in.

This week is a little reprieve. My parents are gone which has forced me to tell my clients I can't commit as many hours this week as I have been to in-person meetings and office time. Today I volunteered at Lucille's school, played lots of games, read books and walked with her to Starbucks (and said "Yes" to a cakepop!) I am hoping that it acts as a bit of a reset button.

We still don't have a house (!) Which adds a bit to the stress and pressure and lack of ability to say "Yes" when I want to. We are living in a 900 sq foot guest house (OMG) at my parents -- so things and space are limited.

But, I'm also going to acknowledge the things that I actually have been successful at so far this year. Like my diet (I've lost 12 lbs!!) and self-care and growing my business. Now I've just got to get the time with the kids, organization, and house hunting back to front and center too. Hopefully, I'll be back to blogging a bit more too.

So stay tuned. I've got more blog posts coming. I'll be back to meal planning and more - very soon!

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