2018: The Year of Yes

My theme for this year is somewhat based on this video. This mom says "yes" to her kids (more or less) for a week.

I feel like our lives have become a little crazy and busy over the last year - resulting in me saying "no" a lot more. But these three people below mean a whole lot to me - and I'm hoping to be more present for them all.

So 2018 will be the year of "yes." For my family. Which in some ways means the year of "no" for everyone else. If it is a safe, healthy option - my kids are going to have a lot more say about what we do and where we go. I've been trying it the last few days of 2017 and it works ok. Jonny took the kids on bikes to the park (and back!) and we spent a whole day doing puzzles because it is what they wanted.

It will also be the year of "yes" for myself. I'm hoping to continue my reading streak (stay tuned for some of my picks to read in 2018) and continue my exercise streak. I'm hoping to really start eating healthier, work on my Greek (because we are going to Greece this summer!!), and improve my parenting skills.

Any time self-doubt creeps in - I'll be responding with "Yes, you can." And that can be pretty common. This is going to take some time and discipline on my part as is already evident in day one yesterday.

But luckily, we got a whole year ahead to make it work.

Cheers to 2018!

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