North Shore Tahoe: Beginner's Guide

We aren't really "snow" people.

But for the past few months, Gus has been pestering us about taking them to see snow. And it's not like it's that far away, it's just not really our thing. Well, earlier this month we had a free weekend when the weather was supposed to be perfect, so we decided to take a last minute trip to Tahoe.

We all ended up have an amazing time.

The drive was great - not much traffic and we are all loving our new car (Kia Sorento.) It makes drives like this easier because we finally have the space to bring what we want!

We stayed at The Village at Squaw Valley - and while it was nice to be so close to a lot of stuff... it was also noisy at night. The kids slept fine - it probably bothered me and Jonny more.

Breakfast at Coffeebar every morning was perfect. Good coffee for the adults - and good eats for everyone. Including, Gluten Free options for Gus. The kids LOVED the GF donut holes.

Fireside Pizza Company was our go-to dinner spot both nights. The give the kids games to play with while they wait and again, there were gluten-free options for Gus. We thought about switching it up the second night, but it just worked so well the first night - we stuck with it.

Because we don't ski or snowboard and because the weather was pretty warm and the snow wasn't fresh - we had a hard time the first day finding a good place the kids could sled. We ended up going to the Resort at Squaw Creek for the ice skating - and we had a blast. The kids loved it and did a great job. Jonny and I have stayed here before - and it's a lovely hotel. We got to watch people go for dog sled rides as we ate lunch too.

We took the Aerial Tram up to the High Camp and got to check out the Olympic Museum. It was perfect timing because our weekend trip was just a few days before the start of the Olympics. It got the kids talking about Olympics and winter sports.

Day two, we found the Tahoe City Winter Sports Park and it was perfect! We were able to go sledding and ice skating again. They also have cross-country skiing, something I might try next time we go. The kids had a blast sledding. Lucille was fully ice-skating without much help by the time we left. I was so impressed!favorite

On our way back down the hill to Sacramento, we stopped at 5050 Brewing in Truckee for lunch, a favorite spot of ours. There was a nice field right there too that the kids were able to have a snowball fight at and play a little more in the snow.

Then we went into downtown Truckee - visited their mini Train Museum (it fits in a caboose), watched a train pull through town and grabbed some Ice Cream!

After putting off this snow trip so much, I think we all had a blast in the end and I am actually looking forward to doing it again.

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