Goodbye February! Friday 2/23

It's Friday again! Yay! Many people had parts of this week off - at least Monday. Some schools in our area had the whole week off. We went to Yosemite on the way to visit my in-laws last weekend and didn't think about the fact that it was a holiday weekend. Needless to say, we weren't the only ones there.

But the kids got to get out and explore a bit. Gus even practiced climbing a tree like a bear cub. Anyways, hope you had a good holiday weekend/week.

Now on to business, here are some of my favorite finds from around the web this week:

Pandas and Kristen Bell's voice. This movie is going to be a favorite. Watch the trailer below.

This is a great list: 33 things to stop doing to your kids right now.

Getting the house ready for Spring - 6 things you could do this weekend.

Olympic husband double fists beer while his wife competes in curling. {insert eye-roll here.} I hope one of those beers is for her.

Learn some southern slang from Reese Witherspoon.

Anyone else ready for warm weather and a tan face?

Happy last weekend in February! How quickly that flew by...

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