Things to Do: January 2017

Happy New Year! I'm hoping to keep up my monthly, family-friendly calendar going this year - so here is January. If one of your resolutions for this year is to get out and enjoy your community more - these monthly calendar posts can really help you do that.

January 1: 1000 Burger Giveaway! - Buy a blanket and bring it down to Suzie Burger to donate to Loaves and Fishes and the first 1000 people to do it - get a free a burger. There will be music, and good food of course. Plus, you get to start off the year doing something good.

January 1: Global Winter Wonderland - This is on going through January 8 so if you didn't catch it in December and are still in the Winter Wonderland mood - there is still some time.

January 3: PlacerGROWN Farmers' Market @ the Fountains - I don't know why I haven't checked this Farmers' Market out yet. It is on a day when the kids don't have school and it is at the Fountains which they always enjoy walking around anyways. Every Tuesday - I'm hoping to go this month once. Weather depending of course.

January 5: Family-friendly Garden Work Day - For the American River Parkway Foundation, volunteers are key! If you've got some older kids who don't have school this week - considering taking them to help do some garden work at the parkway. Great way to be active, enjoy the outdoors and do some good.

January 7: New Year's River Stroll - Take some time and explore the American River with the family on the first Saturday in 2017 at Effie Yeaw Nature Center. This is one of our favorite places to be with the kids when the weather is good. Even if its cold - we just bundle up and run around.

January 11: The Hoots - Head over to Arden-Dimick to check out the Hoots a fun kids band on a Wednesday afternoon. If you haven't seen The Hoots before - they are great. My kids always love anything with music.

January 13: Disney's Beauty and the Beast - A bit out of town - at Woodland Opera House but if you've got a fan of this movie - it might be worth taking. Tickets for the kids start at $7 and the show runs through February 5.

January 14: Eat Well, Play Well, Live Well - A new exhibit is opening at the science center. We went to this museum on a rainy day in December and loved it. I really hope the raise the money to open a new museum at the Powerhouse facility.

January 19: Member's Only Hours: Winnie the Pooh Party - If you're a member of the Sacramento Children's Museum - then you know about member's only hours. But this one is a Winnie the Pooh themed one in honor of

January 28: Raffi: 40 Years of Singable Songs - At the Crest Theater, this show seems like an amazing opportunity for parents (my age or so) of little ones. It is the opportunity for 2 generations of
Raffi listeners to enjoy his music together. There are two shows one at 1pm and one at 4pm and as I write this - it looks like the 1pm is sold out.

Ok, plenty to do to kick off 2017 with a bang! As always, please share any events I might have missed.

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