Well hello, 2017.

I'm officially welcoming 2017 into my life today. It is the time of year when everyone starts thinking about how they can make this year better/more productive/healthier/more organized than the last. Even if you don't like "resolutions" I bet your mind still wanders in the direction of self-improvement.

My big, broad goals for 2017?

Work on teaching my kids compassion. 

Being thankful for all of the blessings in our lives.

Stand up for my beliefs and rights when they are being challenged.

Practicing what I preach.

Take more time for self-care.

I have some more specific goals too. Selling our house, redoing my old dollhouse for Lucille (before her 4th birthday, reading 15 books (I didn't quite make it in 2016) and expanding my business and spending more time marketing myself.

Ok! Here's to making 2017 better than we expect! I'd love to hear your goals, ideas for the year too. Share in the comments.

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