Please, Vote.

We've got one heck of an election happening today. And without getting too political, I really hope you're all getting out there and voting today. If you've got kids take the time and explain how important voting is. Especially on a local level.

I love taking the kids to vote with me (like this picture below of Lucille with me in 2014.

In honor of the election and maybe to get you inspired to vote - here are some fun things to read:

President Taft had a cow named Pauline that lived at the White House.

Teddy Roosevelt had a court battle over cocktails...

7 picture books about voting and the elections. And another list of kid books on elections and the government.

How about A Children's First Book of Trump from comedian Michael Ian Black? A few adults I know would LOVE this on their shelves.

A fun fill-in-the-blank to ask your kids about if they were president.

Don't have a ride to vote? Uber can help.

More than free rides... there are free donuts, free coffee, free gym entry for the day. All the election day freebies.

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