Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

I loved all the Harry Potter books and the movies too of course. I can't wait to enjoy the series over again with my little ones when they get older. But luckily for me (and you) I can reread it now - slowly with a new podcast. I stumbled upon the Harry Potter and the Sacred Text podcast the other day, listened to the first episode, and was HOOKED.

It is an interesting premise, to read a book or series you love as if it was a sacred text. And with one chapter per episode - it lets you read at your own pace.

It makes you consider the more obscure characters and look deeper into the text. The podcast chooses a theme for each chapter and the idea is to read the chapter with that one theme in mind. It was been a totally unique experience - and I'm only on chapter 3.

Since I only own a few of the books in the series - I needed to buy the first book and I was so excited when I found this beautiful illustrated edition. I ordered it via Amazon Prime Now and it was in my hands in a few hours.

The nice thing about this book is that the first few books - which are really written for a younger audience - are smaller and often found in paperbacks. So a nice illustrated edition is great to add to our family library. And give it a few more years and Lucille might be interested in reading it - especially with the beautiful illustrations.  I'll be buying The Chamber of Secrets in the illustrated edition too when I get there.

What are your favorite books to reread? What books are you looking forward to reading with your kids as they get older?


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