Sacramento in September

Another great month in the books! Hope you got out and enjoyed Sacramento and the Valley as much as we did. Now I've got things to do in Sacramento for September. Still some good weather and good chances to get out and enjoy the outdoors! Here are my suggestions.

Sept 1: Off the Grid: Sacramento Zoo - I still haven't actually made it to an Off the Grid event yet - but Thursday nights at the Zoo - sound perfect. Music, food trucks and late admission into the zoo. We love the Twilight Thursdays so it kind of just feels like an extension (and upgrade with the food trucks) of that. So we will be trying very hard to make it tonight.

Sept 2: Movies in the Park - Star Wars: The Force Awakens - For the families with older kids - this movie in the park at Arden Park is perfect. The movie starts at 8pm.

Sept 2-4: Greek Food Festival - Anyone that knows me personally, knows that it isn't a surprise that this is on my list. It was my favorite thing when I was a kid. Running around with my friends, greek dancing, eating good food. Now I get to share it with my kiddos. I can't wait until Lucille and Gus are dancing at it.

Sept 3-5: Chalk It Up Festival - Check out the Chalk It Up Festival if you haven't before. The masterpieces that these artists create are just amazing. It is actually a fundraising event - and is well worth supporting. Go eat at the Greek Food Festival - then check out the art.

Sept 5: Labor Day Progressive Picnic - This progress picnic starts at Wilderotter Vineyard than Terra D'Oro than Cooper and ending at the Amador Flower Farm. It involved hot dogs, watermelon and ice cream - so it seems like a perfect time to take the kids to wine country because they can enjoy the food while you enjoy the food and the wine.

Sept 5: Tower Classics - Back to the Future - Nothing like seeing a classic on the big screen. Tower Theater has a classics series and on Sept 5 you can go watch Back to the Future on the big screen. If you've got older kids - this would be a fun thing to do together.

Sept 8: Gather: Oak Park - Gather only goes through October so you have 2 more chances to go. We only have made it out once so far - and I'm hoping to go this month and next month (especially if the weather is cooler.) Such fun music, food and drinks and the kids always love the kids area.

Sept 17 - Charlotte's Web at Sutter Street Theatre - Yes, this isn't the closest theatre to take your kids to - but I am a HUGE Charlotte's Web fan - so it still made the list for this month. It actually runs the entire month of September... so check the calendar for a time that would work if you are interested.

Sept 17 - Rio Linda Elberta Country Faire - Parade, kid zone, fair stuff. What else do you need to know. These things are always fun for little ones and it might be a little cooler than all the fairs during the summer. Worth checking out!

Sept 24: Farm-to-Fork Festival - We didn't go last year - and I really regret it. I'm hoping that we can make it this year. It is so amazing all the local foods that we are lucky to have so close. I love getting my kids into foods and where and how they grow. And of course, it shows why the Sacramento Valley is SUCH a great place.

Sept 24 and 25: ScholarShare Children's Book Festival - This is a great event at Fairytale Town that we LOVED last year. It features readings from some great authors. My favs on the list include Madeleine Dunphy and Karen Sanders (The Little Lemon That Leapt).

Sept 28: Movie Madness - "The Jungle Book" - Arden-Dimick Library (at Watt Ave. and Northrop Blvd.) is having movie night and showing The Jungle Book. It's a Wednesday night and the movie starts at 6 p.m. Plus free popcorn!

Anything I missed that you're hoping to do this month? Let me know in the comments - I'd love to hear!

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