Summer Ready!

Hello summer. It's nice to see you.

I am a total sun loving, summer child. I love the warm weather, the warm sidewalk, the sunglasses, the sandals... all of it. Lucille on the other hand told me the other day - that she does not like the sun. It mostly has to do with it shining in her eyes when we are in the car and that because when she got her stitches she heard the doctor say she had to wear sunscreen all the time for at least a year so the scar could fade. She is a total sunscreen freak. I mean for a 3-year-old. She gets really bossy about it.

But I digress.

I'm here to talk about how ready you are for Summer 2016. Have you been doing fun things? Playing outside more? Enjoying the warm weather, the vacation time and all that? If you're still looking for some inspiration - its ok. I have been too. And I thought I'd share what I found to save ya'll some time:

Beach Trips with the Kids

Hello Summer printable from oh my! creative.

Summer reading. A list of mine from a few years back (when I could read more than one book a summer) and one from Shopswell (with a few that I'd love to have time to read like The Nest, The Zookeepers Wife and Why Not Me?) and another from Buzzfeed!!

Summer bucket lists! Another list I did - back when I had time to do things on lists - my summer 2014 bucket list. I asked Lucille if she wanted to make a summer bucket list this year and she said, "No." Ah, maybe next year.

Easy tartines for your summer picnics. Anyone else never hungry in the summer? Light fare like this is perfect for me.

Want to see more of my summertime recommendations? Follow my The Summertime File. board on Pinterest!

And tell me what your big plans, goals or dreams for this summer are? I'd love to hear!

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