Splish, Splash... Swim time.

We have been seriously procrastinating on the swim lessons at the Martin household. My parents have a swimming pool and we are really hardly ever in it. It gets so hot here in Sacramento that I don't really know what we have been thinking, but my goal is to try and use it more this year. And to get Lucille and Gus comfortable with the water and most importantly: safe in the water.

So when Sunsational Swim School wanted to give Gus and Lucille a free lesson each so I could review the services - how could I say no? What a great opportunity to FORCE me to get the kids in the water.

It was a great experience - considering the extreme hesitation and anxiety my kids get when near water and strangers. The set up was a breeze, I just told them where the pool that we would want the lessons in was (for us it was my parents house) and they picked a teacher that was in the area that had experience with kids the age and experience level (zero) of my little ones.

The teacher got in contact with me right away and I worked with her on setting up the date and time for the lessons the following week. She was super friendly and flexible and enthusiastic which was great.

I'm not gonna lie, the kids fought it. Lucille was super excited before the lesson began - but got really nervous once we started. To make it easier I got in with the kids too. Our teacher was super patient and encouraging with the kids. Teaching them pool safety as she talked about what she wanted them to do.

Swim lessons with kids as little as mine (3 and almost 2) is not easy - especially day one. Sensational Swim and Jules our teacher made it easy and comfortable since it was in my parents back yard. We are looking forward to some more swim lessons over the summer and trying to jump in our pool a few times every week - to keep the kids excited about it.

For more information on Sunsational Swim School check out their website (pricing is here).

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