Baby gifts for Easter

This technically isn't Lucille's first Easter exactly. It is Lucille's first American (as I call it) Easter. But Greek Easter was in May last year and she was a tiny little 2 week old. I obviously didn't buy her anything last year. She barely kept her eyes open at that point.

This year I am going to get her something and on my hunt for what to get a one-year-old for Easter I thought, this might be something other new mommy's are interested in so I'll share!

I went with the Peter Rabbit Kids Mealtime Set. My parents still have (most) of the set I used as a kid - and I thought it would be great for Lucille to have one too.

Lucille loves all her stuffed animals right now. She gives them hugs and kisses and rocks them constantly. So a stuffed little bunny rabbit would be right up her ally. Under the stuffed animal group this crochet bunny doll rattle is adorable too.

She also loves touch and feel books right now. This Easter one on Amazon was only $2.74 when I ordered it - so a cheap easy gift. I figure I can reuse it next year for baby boy.

A bunny bath wrap would be a great gift for a 1st or 2nd Easter present. Pottery Barn Kids has adorable Critter Wraps (you could customize if you want.) Their bunny wrap comes in lavender and pink. Another Easter bathing gift is this cute Garden Bath Squirties Set.

For a little boy this blue bunny bib (say that 3 times fast) is a cute and cheap Easter theme gift. And even though this is a bit expensive for my taste this Pink Lou Lou Dress from Persnickety is just adorable and would make a great Easter outfit!

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