Thank You!

I just wanted to officially thank all my readers who took the time to take my survey and give me some feedback about this blog! I got a way better response than I expected. People other than my family must read this!

Anyways, with your great feedback, here are somethings I have already decided.

I will be focused mainly on Food and Family/Lifestyle posts. This, of course, will include things to do around town, some kid/baby related stuff and DIY projects on the rare occasion that I do them.

I got some great recommendations on blog related reading, which I am already looking into - so thank you guys for that. I'll continue doing Around Towns and Menu Planning... since food and things to do seemed to be appreciated. Since the 30before30 posts were appreciated too - I'm going to try and do more like that (for instance, my fall bucket list.)

And the name! I was pleasantly surprised how many of you like "High Heels and Honeybees" as a name. And I'm 99% sure that I'm not going to change it... thanks to all your votes.

Just in case there is a reader out there that still wants to give me their opinion... I'm keeping the survey open a few more days. Till Halloween.

But again, for those who read and gave me some great feedback, thank you!! It was so much appreciated.

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