Happy Friday: Links to Explore

TGIF! Hope everyone had a great week. I'm ending mine with a 20 mile bike ride today! Wish me luck. If you are looking for some fun things around the web... here are my recommendations.

'Tis the season to start baking. If you are thinking of baking Greek cookies, check out my Melomakarona recipe. Its delish!

50 Books to Inspire Artists of All Kinds - think "potential Christmas presents"

I feel like I must have been in a cave - because I just heard about this "What does the fox say" song. Thank GOD Lucy isn't old enough to choose her own music yet.

If YOU happen to live in a cave too - you might not know that Prince George was christened this week. But did you know that he and our very own Lucille greet their adoring subjects in the same way? See picture below. Well, according to ancestry.com - they are distantly related...

Oh, and the picture above of us was taken on the Pumpkin Patch... which means I'm crossin' things off my Fall bucket list.

And I'm leaving my blog reader survey open until Monday, Oct. 28. So you still have time to let me know what you really think! Thanks!

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