Mommy's Thoughts: 6 Decisions I'm Glad I Made Over the Last 6 Months

Little Miss Lucille is 6 months old today. I can't believe how fast this time has gone by. She is an amazing little girl and I'm enjoying every minute. I wanted to make this list of decisions I am glad I've made as a new momma. This is NOT to say that this is the right way to do things. Whatever works for you as parents is the right way - but I thought I'd share.

1.) No Epidural. I made this choice purely for selfish reasons. The pain was never so bad that getting a needle stuck in my back sounded like the better option. But afterwards, I got tons of comments from nurses and other moms that my baby was so alert and healthy looking - and the nurses knew right away that I didn't have any drugs. That made me glad I stuck with my intuition on this one.

2.) Letting the baby sleep on me. At first, I did this because she was nursing all the time. Then it became a habit. For me and for her. I worried endlessly that I had created a monster. She was never going to sleep without me. But guess what? She does. She sleeps just fine in her crib. Other people can put her to sleep. And on the rare occasion that she falls asleep in my arms. It makes me miss the days that she was so tiny and liked to curl up with me. (If you are a mom looking for sleep advice - I really recommend Troublesome Tots. Alexis and her advice are just awesome.)

3.) Letting her sleep in bed with us. She still sometimes ends up in our bed for the last few hours in the morning. Especially while I am getting ready for work. But something I've noticed? Babies I know that have more time with mommy and daddy (even if its sleep time) are some of the happiest babies I know. This isn't scientific just a total generalization made by me.

4.) Grandma and Papou (grandpa in Greek) day care. This isn't a controversial topic. I know most people would choose to leave their babies with family. I'm just really glad this is an option for us. Really.

5.) Taking as long a maternity leave as humanly possible. It really does fly by and I am so so glad I was able to be home with her for as long as I could. Baby Yoga on Wednesday and baby play dates with my other friends who had babies was such a good life experience. It truly is baby bonding. I only wish it could have lasted longer.

6.) Sticking with the Breast Feeding. Man, this was a hard one. I mean, it was not fun for the first 8 weeks. Everyone said it got better after 4 weeks. That was a lie for me. It didn't get better till after 8 weeks. I had cracked nipples and over supply issues. I wanted to be done with this. It made me exhausted and I'm pretty sure it made me cry. But its been easy ever since that 8 week hump. I've been weaning her over the last month - but I am glad I stuck with it this long.

Ok - so there are some reflective thoughts at 6 months. Again, just one momma's opinion. We all do what is best for our babies. 6 months. Wow. She's gonna be in Kindergarden before I know it.

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