Happy Friday!

Well, its Friday again! Hope your week went by quickly and you are ready to enjoy a nice weekend. Maybe a pumpkin patch visit or apple hill trip? I love this time of year, decorating for Halloween and the Fall is the best.  Here are some links I collected this week to share...

If you missed the Glee Tribute to Finn (last weeks episode) like I did - you can watch it here. Love the opening song. Its one of my favorites from Rent. 

Common workplace communication mistakes. Make sure you aren't demeaning yourself with these commonly used phrases.

What American accent do you have? I want to know if anyone has anything other than "Midland" - please let me know!

20 Photos of Famous Authors in Awesome Costumes (I am partial to Oscar Wilde in a Greek costume)

Oh! And if you haven't already - please, please - fill out my quick reader survey. Just trying to get some ideas for the future of my blog.

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