Fall Bucket List

Ok - I see tons of these pretty printable seasonal checklists on blogs and all over Pinterest. I just wonder if people actually do everything on their lists. So - I picked some items from various lists and made my own - which I will be reporting on my progress here. I'm even knocking one off the list as I start.

1.) Pumpkin Patch visit (easy peasy. My in-laws run one in Fresno.)

2.) Go to Apple Hill / Pick apples

3.) Bake a new fall themed dessert

4.) Make a soup from scratch

6.) Hand out Halloween candy (first time since moving into our house!)

7.) Decorate the house for Halloween and Fall (Done - see picture above!)

8.) Participate in the Run to Feed the Hungry

9.) Take a Fall Walk at Ancil Hoffman Park

10.)  Take Fall photos of Miss Lulu

Ok. I’m not making a pretty list because there are plenty out there already. Here, here and here for example. Anyone else have a bucket list for Fall? Am I missing any “must-do” items?

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