A Must Read for Sacramento Foodies!

I love my weekend time in my car. I get to listen to some great radio shows on Capital Public Radio like Insight. Well, this weekend I heard a great bit on a father daughter duo who have created a blog where they review restaurants on Franklin Boulevard, called "Eating Franklin Boulevard."

As a bit of a foodie myself, Franklin Boulevard has some of my favorite restaurants on it, El Novillero, Caballo Blanco, Gunther's and the relatively new kid on the block, Pangeaea Two Brews Cafe.

I already have decided I must check out The Hideaway based on their reviews and I am so excited to hear what they think of El Nov and Caballo Blanco.

Now I'm just wondering if I could ever talk my dad into doing something like this.... I've been trying to get him to go on Amazing Race with me for years...

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