Friday Fixation: Pinterest Followers!

I haven't done a Friday Fixation in a while - but here's one for this week!

A few of my friends have complained that the people they follow on Pinterest don't pin enough... so there isn't new content for them to look at. Because of that I decided to share some of my favorite bloggers and people on Pinterest that post interesting stuff all the time.

I love the Blog note to self and Sarah Tolzmann is a great person to follow. She's one of the people I repin the most.

The Ritzy Bee Blog is another favorite blog - and good person to follow on pinterest. They are D.C. Wedding planners - but they pin so much beyond just wedding related stuff. Great food pins and style pins!

I just found Lauren Conrad on Pinterest and really like the stuff she pins too.

A few other favorites of mine are Glitter Guide, Christine Martinez and Rachael from cube. Just a reminder if you're following someone but get tired of specific board (wedding and quotes are two types that kind of annoy me if they take up too much space on my homepage.)

Anyone have any other pinterest people they'd recommend to follow?

P.S. Please feel free to follow me too if you'd like!

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