Friday Favorites: Substack, Judging people and more! 4/1

 I wish I had a good April Fool's Day joke for you, but I don't. It's 9:45 pm Thursday night and I've found a few things I want to share so I am pulling this together last minute. But mostly this week has really been a tiresome hot mess of a week. I am SO ready for Friday. I know I'm not alone in that.

Here are some of my favorite things to share this week.

First -- I am starting a substack. No paid subscription needed at this point. It's called "Cuss Words are Therapy" and is going to feature my longer writing, probably lots of venting. If you like reading other people vent because it makes you feel seen - or maybe just makes you feel better about yourself - then head on over and subscribe. I've got some stuff to say, even if no one reads it.

My first substack post is up. More like it to come.

"The satisfying bubble of righteous indignation — or even a simmer of anger — about what others have done or failed to do is easier to tap than the sharp pain of grief or the dull ache of prolonged sorrow and worry." I'm feeling this Opinion piece in the NYT.

I've be really on a reading kick so far this year. Six books down in only 3 months! I just finished Between Shades of Gray - and really enjoyed it. I'm hoping to find the time to stay up and watch the movie adaptation called Ashes in the Snow. 

And you can see a list of books I've recently read and enjoyed on Bookshop all the time.

Barbecue Kettle Corn sounds AMAZING.

P.S. Give me your BEST April Fool's Jokes in the comments. I need ideas for next year so I don't feel so lame.

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  1. The only really good April Fools joke totally dates me. In college, my dorm mates took all of the extra phone books and blocked the RA's door after he went to bed.