Friday Favorites: Cooking, Entertaining, Writing and more! 4/8

My baby girl is going to be 9 this month! I don't know why but April always hits me like a ton of bricks. -- Lately it's been real obvious to me that she is getting older. The conversations we have our changing, as are the things she finds funny and entertaining. We'll be going to Disneyland soon with the kids and I wonder if they'll want to take a picture with a character anymore. I'm guessing not, I think those days have sailed.

Anyways, it's been a lovely week. Last weekend mom my and I took the kids to see Wicked. Jonny and I celebrated 11 years of marriage and I have some big life changes coming that I think will be a change for the good. So stay tuned. 

For now I'll just move you on to some of my favorite finds from this week. 

First, I'm so, so excited about KBJ joining the U.S. Supreme Court.

I love Half Baked Harvest recipes and I am soooo excited for this new cookbook

Who want's to come over for dinner this summer just so I can serve ice cream like this?

Naomi Campbell talks motherhood.

I love this shattered glass ceiling necklace. I'm filing it away as the perfect gift for someone at sometime.

And last but not least, I wrote another post on my Cuss Words are Therapy substack. I don't know that I'm always going to  be mentioning these posts here -- so if you are interested in continuing to read them, make sure you subscribe!

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