Friday Favorites: Mom's Spaghetti, Public Domain, Books and more 1/14

 Happy Friday, friends! We are finally back on our regular schedule. The kids are back in school and my husband heads back to work today. It's been a rocky start in some ways, but a great start in others. We've definitely gotten a lot of extra time together as a family (reminiscent of March 2020) but I've also taken a Peloton class every day this month so far and finished my first book of 2022. So really not all that bad.

photo credit: @themartinbunch

Anyways - lots of fun and interesting stuff this week to share.

Do you Wordle yet? I swear it's a great way to get your brain started in the morning. Give it a try.

While we were eating Spaghetti Bolognese the other day, Jonny asked if I'd heard about Eminem's "Mom's Spaghetti" - I said "Yah, Eminem sings about mom's spaghetti" but this is what he really meant.

Things that enter public domain this year... good for a little creative inspiration maybe.

Filed under things that make me feel 40: Clay Aiken (yes, from American Idol) runs for congress (and he looks old in this pictures...)

If you're looking for a secluded life - the Isle of Rum is looking for residents. With a recent population boom - they are up to a population of 40. (NYTimes article on it here.)

I opened my own affiliates page with Bookshop. I love sharing and talking about books and I'm trying to break from Amazon. Bookshop gives money back to small local bookstores, so even if I have to pay shipping, it's nice to be supporting something local. I'm hoping to share more books this year. So stay tuned.

I also shared some new releases yesterday on the blog if you missed it.

Happy Friday, friends!

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