New Books for 2022

 I cannot believe it's 2022. I know that life speeds up as you get older - as one year becomes a smaller and smaller percentage of your life lived. But with the pandemic affecting things for the past two(!) years... it really seems even faster. Today, I'm talking reading. Specifically new books, to kick off your new year.

As you may know, I love a good book list - especially for ones that are new-releases or soon to be released. I did a pretty good job reading last year - my goal was an easy 12 books for the year and I surpassed it with 20. It helped that I read some YA books that Lucille loves (the Wings of Fire series). They were quick and interesting reads.

Here are some books I've got on my list for me or the kids as we start out a new year. You can see the whole list in one spot over on my Bookshop page. I'll be adding more books as I find them on that page so check it out anytime.

Violeta - I think most people who are Isabel Allende fans are already read for this. But for me, I'll the idea of hearing the life story of an 100 year old woman told in letters. 

Something to Do with Paying Attention - This is on the list more for my husband than me. I've never been a David Foster Wallace reader - but he was at one point. Maybe this novella will bring him back to reading more.

Northwind - made a little extra special - as the author Gary Paulsen died back in October.

Darryl's Dream - Perfect for those who grew up listening to Run D.M.C. who now have kids. 

To Paradise - I haven't read a Dystopian fiction in a while. But this one really caught my eye.

The Flames of Hope (Wings of Fire #15) - Lucille is obsessed with this series so she's pretty excited about another book coming out. We pre-ordered this one because I know it's a must have for her.

Cress Watercress - I'm a big Gregory Maguire fan -- and I'm excited for this book as a way to introduce Lucille to his writing. Maybe this would be a good family read-aloud. She loves books that tell the stories of animals so I suspect she'll enjoy this.

The Maid - I do love a good mystery every now and then. This one just came out and is getting some great reviews.

Shit Cassandra Saw - I love a good collection of stories and these sound amazing. Anything that is called a mix of Margaret Atwood and Buffy? I'll take it.

The Night Burns Bright - I've got to include a thriller, and this one sounds interesting. Thrillers are books I can turn to when I need a page turner to inspire me to read - so I always like to have one on hand to read.

What new books are you looking forward to reading in 2022? I'd love more suggestions!

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  1. Mysteries and thrillers sound good. Happy reading. Thanks so much for linking up at the Unlimited Link Party 66. Pinned!

  2. Looks like an exciting reading list for 2022. Best wishes for enjoying these books.