Friday Favorites: Paris, Nevada, Evil Eyes and more! 9/03

I missed last week - but I'm back this week with a Friday Favorites post. Some of this is left from what I started last week and some of it is new to this week.

I'm still working on perfecting our after school routine with the kids. They are definitely still in a phase where they come home and breakdown because they are tired and restless and need to get energy out. And probably need to eat. So it's working to find a balance of all of that and soccer practices and home work and all the other afternoon/evening things. (See cute soccer picture below.)

But I still have a little time to browse useless pages on the internet and scroll Instagram and find all the goodies to bring you. So here are my favorites from this week.

I can't get over the Paris Hilton Cooking Show. I know this isn't going to be for everyone. But this is 100% for me. 

If you missed my first of the road trip recaps - it's up! All about our time in Nevada.

The astrology lover in me is obsessed with these birthdate candles.

This Evil Eye Doormat will be mine.

I've also spent a LOT of time downsizing my jewelry collection. (and posting some stuff on eBay.)

And this mid-century cabin in the woods --- it says no children so maybe I just go by myself for my next self-care solocation.

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