Friday Favorites: Laughing, Blueberry Muffins, Katy Perry and more 6/25

Happy Friday! June is almost gone! I'm not entirely sure what happened but it feels like we will go on our Great American Roadtrip and then come back and start school again. Time has begun to speed up. Maybe even try and catch up with itself because of the last year.

Anyways if you need a moment to slow down - here are some of my favorite finds from the past week or so. Enjoy - and have a great weekend!

I made Aunt Betty's Blueberry Muffins and they are AMAZING. Best blueberry muffin recipe. EVER. 

I have been watching Bill on the Street lately. And I can't stop. laughing. 

This podcast from Gastropod is great. It's talking about immune boosting... and its super interesting at a time when people seem obsessed with immune systems. Go listen.

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry weigh in on the current attacks on voting rights.

I booked a solo night away at Gaige House in Glen Ellen and I am soooo looking forward to it. Hope to get some work done and writing done while I am there.

Related to the above: This post from Cup of Jo about work life balance in the time of COVID really got me. Another reason I booked the solo night mentioned above. I need to go deep. And haven't been able to for over a year.

And our family summer reading suggestions if you missed the post yesterday!

I'd love to hear something you loved this week in the comments below!

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