Thankful for Friday. Link Round-up 11/8

Oh my. This blog has been so neglected. I do have so much to say, but just not the time to sit and write it. I've got 5 clients (!) which I think is the most I've had at one time so my schedule is crunched. And I've been trying to slow down a bit and enjoy this life that is speeding by.

But here I am getting back into posting. This is my link of things I've been loving over the past few weeks. Happy weekend, friends!

I had a long (1.5 hour each way) drive for a client, and I got to listen to the whole audiobook of The Princess Diarist. It's an interesting listen. Since it is read by the author, Carrie Fisher, it really gives you some insight into her personality and the way she dealt with difficult situations.

And more Princess Leia... because as you can see above -  we went all Star Wars for Halloween.

We are getting pretty excited for this in our house. (Me included!)

I've squeezed in a few episodes of Carnival Row on Amazon Prime and I'm really liking it.

We needed something to organize all Lucille's hair stuff.. and this unicorn might be her new favorite thing in her room.

Are Unicorns Real? was a podcast win for Lucille. We still love But Why?

Happy long weekend!

7 books to add to your TBR list for November... including a new Stephen King.

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  1. I just added that Unicorn hair thing to my daughter's bday list! Also, has your daughter read The Secret Unicorn Society? They're fun.