For the Dudes! Gift Guide 2019

Oh my gosh. Hardest person to shop for EVER if you ask me. It's the dudes. I don't know about you but my husband is picky about clothes fit and feel so that's pretty much always out. And then he just doesn't need a lot of stuff. So I always have to get creative. Or go super, super basic.

 Here are some ideas if the dude you're shopping for sounds like that.

Bioplastic Biodegradable Travel Mug (made with rice husks - this sounds pretty cool for a coffee/tea drinker.)

Toiletry Bag/Dopp Kit - I love the leather and the size. Perfect for travel.

Neck Travel Wallet - If your dude is a traveler this is another great item. It's great for security when traveling and can still fit in a back pocket.

Patio Table with Cooler - I think almost every adult on my list would enjoy this gift. So I'm sticking it in the hardest gift guide. It just makes me want to have some a party in the backyard. As soon as it stops raining...

Weighted Blanket - I think everyone in our family could really use one of these. (Check my kid list for an option for the younger family members.)

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Waffle Maker - My kids would love Star Wars Waffles.

Cut in Half Book - This book looks super interesting - I could see it as a good gift for almost anyone who is interested in how things work or how things are made.

What are you getting for the dudes on your list?

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