Summer is almost over... Friday Link Round-up 7/19

Anyone else starting to feel like summer is almost over? I'm starting to wish I hadn't packed the kids schedule so much with camps -- and gotten to do a little more vacation time. But maybe that's what happens right after a trip. And by the way, we had a lovely time in Hawaii. Volcanos National Park was awesome and it looked like the kids were exploring the moon.

Ok, here are some favorite links for the week!

If you didn't follow along you can see my Hawaii stories highlight and some pictures on my Instagram.

Back to school shopping for the kiddos - and I love this jean jacket from H&M.

Love this Nike ad.

I'm just not 100% sure about a Cats Musical Movie... but we'll see.

I'm listening to Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King on Audiobook right now -- and loving it.

If you use Twitter - you might enjoy my business blog about the new Desktop Twitter design.

Happy weekend, friends!

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