Welcome May, and happy Weekend. Friday 5/3

Well I went almost a full month without posting -- but I managed to pull it together and get some stuff written.

We've been busy in Joshua Tree National Park, celebrating two Easters, celebrating Lucille's 6th birthday, getting new clients, attending conferences... oh and we started the month with a horrible cold. I think I am ready for a new month. Maybe one that is less stress filled.


This week I had a Mother's Day fiesta at Gus' school (pictured above) and Lucille had a "Swimo-de-Mayo" fundraiser for Swim Team... where she swam 30 laps!! I just can't even imagine.. I am so impressed with her.

Anyways, on to the good stuff. Here are some favorite finds from this week:

My last part of our family vacation to Greece is finally all written up. You can read about Stoupa and how much we loved it now!

Also, we have booked our summer vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii. So far we've been to Maui and Oahu with the kids so it will be nice to add another island to the list. So I really enjoyed this read about visiting Hawaii after last years eruptions.

Since we are talking beach vacations... how about a new beach bag?

A cute and simple gift for a Super Mom you might know.

11 shortcuts that make cleaning your home easier.

Happy weekend, friends!

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