Have a Springtime Weekend! Friday 3/22

It is Springtime! Officially! Who else has been seeing signs that it is coming? A big one in the Sacramento Valley and most of California is the migration of the Painted Lady butterflies to the north. These guys are all over the place.

I've got some favorites of the week here for you to check out as we head into the weekend.

My 10 year blogeversary was yesterday!

I'm loving the idea of desert decorating ... maybe because we have a Joshua Tree trip in our future.

The adventures of Aya and Pete are cute travel books for kiddos.

10 Native Women You Should Have Learned about in History Class.

Books about badass women for your boys and girls.

I just finished listening to the audiobook of The Perfect Mother -- and it's a little scary. Especially for mom's with babies under 1 year. But still - really gooooooood.

Ok, happy Friday, friends!

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