Cheers to a healthy weekend. Friday 3/29

Man. This week was NOT what I wanted it to be. I had a work related conference in town that I was unable to fully attend because I got sick. Ugh. I had blog posts I wanted to write, work I wanted to get ahead on, and family vacations I wanted to plan out. I did manage to get the kids new art area set up though -- and I love it.

Anyways -- I'm finally feeling better and I'm able to scrape together some of my favorite finds from this week (while I wasn't sleeping on the couch.)

We are heading to Southern California for a quick family reunion type weekend -- and I hope we have a chance to check out the Norton Simon museum. There is some art that the kids might recognize - like Degas ballerina sculptures.

Mia Farrow's random tweets are really, really entertaining.

My kids say "power cut" and "swim costume" because of Peppa Pig.

Lucille's birthday is coming up and everything is still rainbow and unicorns...

As a fan of musicals -- I'm not sure what I think about a non-singing Les Miserables. But it looks good.

I'm trying to add more plants to our home. If they could reduce stress and increase productivity too - that would be GREAT.

I LOVE this dress. Just nowhere to wear it to.

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