2019? I can't even.

It blows my mind that we are already in the year 2019. I graduated high school 20 years ago this year. 20 YEARS AGO!?! I thought I was barely older than 20 still... Ah, oh well. Can't stay young forever.

2018 is in our past -- and I'm good with that. It was an o.k. year - filled with ups and downs like any other. If you aren't following me on Instagram ... here are my top 9 photographs from 2018.

I LOVED our trip to Greece and other little California trips we did too. I want to travel even more in 2019. My goal is going to be getting out of town one weekend every month... and with Tahoe this month and London next month... I think we are off to a good start.

Ok - but goals - really? Resolutions? Themes for the year? All I'm saying is "lower your expectations." It kind of seems like a sad theme - but I think it is one that can result in improved happiness.

I thought about trying out the annual goop detox, but really? Not gonna actually do it... so I'll just pass this year. ;)

What I'm not going to fuss over this year? Buying a new house.

Yes, I am tired of living in the small, guest house at my parents crowding all four of us into a two bedroom cottage BUT I am also tired of the stress of looking for the perfect house. Like I said, "lower your expectations."

I didn't make it to my 30 books in 2018 goal - so I'm aiming for 25 in 2019. I read 24... so I should be able to get this one. Follow me on Goodreads if you want to know how I'm doing and what I'm reading.

Ok, anything you want to share about 2019? Goals, non-goals, themes? Want to read more awesome blog posts? Check out Renegade Mothering's great post - "Low-hanging Resolutions" - for a similar look on the year ahead of us.

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