Here's to a slow weekend! Friday 12/14

The end of the year is always hard for me. I love Christmas time, but December means another year is almost over and time seems to speed up. To be honest, this year December is feeling especially hard. I've been busier with work than expected (meaning less time with the kids), I really, really, really wanted to be in a new home by now and the cold weather really does kill a good mood.

But - maybe things are moving in the right direction. We put a fake tree up in our little house, the holiday cards are starting to arrive and I'm working on learning to enjoy getting cozy inside during the rain and cold.

Blogging has been slower than I hoped this month too - but again, maybe there is hope! Because, hey at least I got this post written.

Ok, on to my favorite finds this week... enjoy and happy Friday!

Peppa Pig Christmas themed printables for anyone who has kids like mine who LOVE printables and Peppa!

Can you imagine an 89-year old farmer in Indiana turning into a drug mule? The movie The Mule is on my list of ones I'd like to see (and probably won't. haha.) Started this week.

Shiraz on the Shelf. A gift for your mom friends. haha.

Every Christmas TV Episode you can watch on Netflix. 'Tis the season!

A little convo about the Elf on the Shelf. Number 6 is my life right now. I have to teach my kids the elf lie just so they don't burst little Johnny's bubble at school. Oh, and how do elf on the shelf moms explain that you can buy an elf at Target?? Ugh. No Elf for us. Ever.

Baby, it's Cold Outside. Rewritten for the #MeToo era.

And holiday cocktails ideas... because it's a must, every year.

Ok, hope you have a good week. I'm getting over a cold but hope to have two more gift guides this weekend.

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